Case Studies

$123,000 in Savings


The situation: One of our long-standing clients had awarded Asaman a project in December for a large quantity of a comparator drug. After internal discussion with their team, they decided to delay the procurement of the comparator for another month and instead, execute the Master Service Agreement and the Purchase Order in January of the following year.


We carefully reviewed the pricing trends, and our team made a recommendation to our client to complete the purchase in December, to avoid a likely manufacturer price increase after January 1. We offered to purchase and store the product in our facilities at no charge until after the holidays.


Our foresight and expertise proved correct. After January 1st, there was a significant manufacturer price increase which would have resulted in an additional expense of $123,000 on the project. We were delighted to help save our client the additional expense. We are proud to report they have remained a loyal client.

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