Case Studies

Making Life Saving Connections Across the Border


Research physicians at one of Canada’s leading hospitals needed a product for experimental treatment of a desperately ill patient. But, the product was only approved in the US.  Acting on their own initiative, and upon approval by Canadian Regulatory Authorities, the hospital’s physicians and pharmacist in Canada made contact with a supplier (our competitor) who quoted them a price – significantly higher than ours. Cost was not an issue, but our competitor was chosen as the supplier.  This turned out to be a bad choice, as the supplier was unable to deliver this essential drug therapy in a timely fashion. As the situation became critical, the physicians contacted the US manufacturer, who quickly referred them to us, based on our past relationship.


By collaborating with both the manufacturer and the team of physicians and pharmacist in Canada, Asaman coordinated, processed and shipped this life saving “cold chain” product on the next flight out of Boston. All the necessary customs documentation and logistical arrangements were made ahead of time, to ensure prompt delivery.

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