Case Studies

Precious Hours

Question: How do you get a critical medicinal product from a manufacturer in Europe to a clinical site in Canada on THE SAME DAY, if you don’t own a fast intercontinental private jet?


An existing client entrusted us with the responsibility of sourcing an essential drug product to be used in a clinical trial in Canada. After our research and consultations with the client, we established the product was available in two European countries. Everything was in place, however, due to some unforeseen issues, the product was unavailable from Country A due to manufacturing and supply issues. But the trial was scheduled to start in 48 hours, as everything had been already in place. Any delay or cancellation would be very costly.


We engaged all our resources and discussed the urgency of the situation with them.  Our supply partner in country B worked overtime in collaboration with the manufacturer to secure the product overnight. The next challenge was to finalize all the quality and regulatory requirements and deliver the products to the clinical site on time.  We all understood what was at stake and could not afford to spare a single minute. Our team worked non-stop, collaborating with a dedicated team of professionals in three countries ranging from freight forwarders, customs brokers and dedicated drivers.  These were held on standby every step of the way, to save precious time.


Because of our experience, know how, and relationships our client benefited from our competence.  We ensured that the product was shipped on the very first flight out of Europe, custom cleared and delivered to the site in Canada on THE SAME DAY. This swift service is simply unheard of, and it would never have been possible without the collaboration and dedication of our team and partners.  We kept our client informed at every step of the process, and needless to say, they were delighted to receive the product.  We saved them the huge expense of having to delay or reschedule their trial.

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