Temperature Monitoring  

Unbreakable Cold Chain

A cold chain management system is a supply chain process that allows medicinal products to remain temperature-controlled throughout the entire course of delivery. From procurement, products are securely kept at the manufacturer’s suggested temperature range until delivery to the patients.

We understand the importance of cold chain management; it is essential for product safety in our industry. Your products are maintained within precise temperature ranges to guarantee reliable performance and a longer shelf life.

At Asaman, cold chain means COLD CHAIN. Our validated cold chain process (validated and approved systems and procedures) ensures that we stay compliant with industry standards. We have made significant investments in technology – both hardware and software – to ensure products are sourced, stored and transported safely and securely within the recommended temperature range.

Ambient Storage

Our temperature control environment monitors and captures temperature and humidity data throughout the facility. Your products are stored at precisely the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.

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