Quality Assurance  

Supply Chain Management – From Procurement to Delivery

  • We take a “soup to nuts” approach to managing our procurement service. Our goal is to provide the most secure supply chain possible, ensuring the quality and integrity of all products.
  • Our long-standing relationship with manufacturers and authorized suppliers enables us to work collaboratively, ensuring a streamlined process and increased responsiveness. Our focus is not only on price; we add value and knowledge to your project and have a proven track record.


  • Stringent Standard Operating Procedures, (SOPs) At Asaman, SOPs are much more than just a manual. They guide our team with step-by-step instructions for the proper handling, storage and distribution of all medicinal products.
  • Validation We work in a validated environment, validated temperature control, validated shippers (active and passive), validated boxes, validated data loggers and approved transportation services providers – in full adherence to regulatory requirements and quality standards.
  • Monitoring, data collection and documentation We capture and share relevant data about products with our clients. This includes lot numbers, expiration dates, temperature data and product recalls.
  • Product Security Tracking and visibility is key for product safety and security. We closely monitor all the products we supply.
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