Case Studies  

Our commitment to service is what sets us apart

We are problem solvers by nature; we help our clients navigate market complexities and challenges to achieve incredible results. Our clients count on us every day to help them achieve their business objectives.

Quite simply, they trust us.

Below are a few case studies that will showcase why our clients return to us time and again – and why they consistently refer our services to their network.

Staying Cool under Pressure


At the tail end of the flu season, an existing client came to us with an urgent request. They needed several samples of various flu vaccines available on the market from different manufacturers for some laboratory work - and they needed it "STAT” (i.e. yesterday). The client emphasized the importance of conducting this research promptly during the flu season.


After consultation with the client we explored the market and discovered that almost all the current supplies of the required vaccine had been exhausted.  But they needed it immediately.


We deployed our resources nationwide, and successfully located samples of the right vaccines across the country.  We made all the necessary logistic arrangements to deliver the products at the precise temperature range to our client - within 48 hours. Our client’s response was "Wow, you saved us!"
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