What We Do  

Comparator Drug Sourcing

We are a fully licensed pharmaceutical procurement specialist. We work with diverse clients needing support in sourcing comparator drugs and pharmaceutical reference samples to conduct their clinical trials and research.

While that may be a simple explanation, the actual process can be complex and time consuming. It requires expert knowledge, regulatory knowhow, quality assurance and resources, coupled with a team that is committed to deliver world class service. This ensures that each project is conducted precisely on time and on budget.

Our clients are performing extremely important work, and our goal is to make this process effortless, convenient and more affordable. We are able to consistently accomplish this goal for these reasons:

  • Experience – Asaman has experience and a track record of success in supplying comparator drugs. We have the knowledge and familiarity necessary to achieve swift results.
  • Resources – We have the resources and processes to achieve results. Our reliable network of manufacturers, authorized distributors and service providers around the world enables us to quickly assess and present a bespoke solution.
  • Quality: We don’t cut corners; quality is at the heart of everything we do. When you work with Asaman, you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we take quality as seriously as you do.
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