Case Studies

Creating Long Term Relationships


A leading pharmaceutical company came to us needing two bottles of a brand-name product from different lot numbers. They wanted them within a short period of time to enable them to complete their project. It was a simple requirement on the surface, but difficult in practice. This product had many generic alternatives on the market, and in fact the brand name product was hardly being used.


Upon receipt of the request, we mobilized our resources. Asaman contacted the manufacturer to learn they were only shipping from one particular lot number, plus, the quantity we required was below their minimum order requirement. We turned to our network of suppliers – authorized distributors throughout the US. While the search was difficult, after many man-hours we finally located the product in two states, and we immediately made the necessary arrangements to expedite shipment of the product.


A very satisfied client was delighted by our prompt and efficient service. They were able to complete their project on time with the exact product specification. Our focus, as always, is to fulfill a need and deepened the relationship with our clients. We went out of our way, so the client did not have to – and in return we have been rewarded for our efforts with years of repeat business and referrals.

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